Hand Sculpted House (Evans, Smiley, Smith) "the bible" of cob type adobe, philosophy and building instructions

A Pattern Language (Alexander) architectural design for everyone who has lived next to a wall or under a roof

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands (Brad Lancaster) well illustrated low tech rainwater collection for roof, landscape and garden,

Beauty of Strawbale Homes and Small Strawbale (Athena and Bill Steen) beautiful photographs of natural building

Little House on a Small Planet ( Soloman ) stories of families downsizing the squarefootage on their American dream,

Clay Culture: Plasters, Paints and Preservation (Carole Crews) survey of earthen plaster history and contemporary use,

Homework (Shelter Pulications) venacular showcase: inspiration from generations of owner-builders

Death and Life of Great American Cities (Jane Jacobs ) perceptive and precise discussion of design and urban life
Create an Oasis with Greywater (Art Ludwig ) simple, fool proof ways to reuse 50-80% of your home water to supply the gardens that surround your house.
Build Your Own Earth Oven (Kiko Denzer ) how to make simple, beautiful earthen ovens that bake the best pizza!
Raw Foods Bible(Sommers) concise overview of many nutritional concerns

The Last Straw Journal, long running published jounrnal of bale building practice,

Natural Building Network, international umbrella organization for natural builders,

Design~Build~Live, long running coalition of Central Texas people interested in sustainable living,

Canelo Project, website of Bill and Athena Steen, plaster and strawbale workshops, Bill's blog also good,

I Love Cob, owner-builder Michael Blaha blogs the progress of his own home, research and other adventures,

Ed Crocker, architectural preservationist and earthen construction purist,

House Alive!, great workshops,website and links to many other sites on cob

Barefoot Builder, cob workshops throughout the southeast US,

New Mexico Adobe College: Quentin Wilson, classes in adobe, bi-annual adobe gatherings,

New Mexico Adobe Code,

Adobe and Latent Heat: A Critical Connection, John J Morony, research from South Texas on the cooling affects of adobe walls